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Designed with the patient in mind, LogiQuip Quiet Treatment (QT) Carts come standard with soft-closing drawers and hospital-grade casters to help provide a quieter environment for patient care. Available for general use or specialty applications such as Isolation, Anesthesia, and Emergency, LogiQuip QT Carts are available in a variety of sizes and come standard with a key lock for secure storage.

QT Procedure Carts

QT Standard Cart
Standard Cart

Our Standard QT Procedure Cart comes in multiple sizes and can be equipped with a key lock, electronic lock, or proximity lock for secure storage. These general-use carts are great for storing products in all patient areas.

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Isolation Cart
Isolation Cart

Isolation carts are a convenient way to store PPE in an easy-access location. The bright yellow is a constant reminder to use proper PPE and precautions when entering a patient room for infection control.

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QT Emergency Cart
Crash Cart

Emergency crash carts are designed with high-pressure situations in mind including the signature red color and a breakaway lock system. Using a wide assortment of accessories, these carts have the right product for any emergency.

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Anesthesia Cart
Anesthesia Cart

Designed to store all necessary tools in a single, compact portable location with a locking system designed to keep unauthorized personnel out. The blue color makes cart identification easy.

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Features & Benefits

Quieter Environment

QT® Cart Quiet Features help to provide a quieter environment for patient care with Soft Return Drawers, Silent Hospital Grade Casters, and a Quiet eLock System


Large Capacity Drawers are customizable with 12 drawer front color options and three (3) drawer heights (3”, 6”, 9”). Every QT Cart comes complete with one (1) 3” and one (1) 6” divider set.

Security Options

Several Security Options are available to ensure supplies are kept secure including a Key Lock (standard), Breakaway Lock, or Quiet eLock System.

Simple Accessory Bar

LogiQuip’s Simple Accessory Bar allows you to customize your cart with over 30 optional Accessories including glove dispensers, wastebasket, and sharps container set. 

Built for patient care

Excessive noise is ranked as one of the top patient complaints. In addition to negatively impacting patient outcomes, it can also increase the cost of care.  For these reasons, many hospitals have implemented measures to reduce noise.  LogiQuip QT Carts are thoughtfully designed with quiet features to help minimize patient frustration and can be used in almost any room in your facility. 

Quiet, Soft Return Drawers

Soft Return Drawers come standard with all LogiQuip QT Carts. These large capacity drawers are mounted on slides that allow the drawers to close quietly and smoothly, even when slammed shut. In addition, each drawer comes complete with one (1) 3” and one (1) 6” divider set.

Quiet Hospital-Grade Casters

LogiQuip Quiet 5’’ Swivel Casters help to absorb sound as your QT Cart rolls from location to location creating a quieter environment for your patients.  These smooth-rolling casters are available in standard, break, and directional lock.

Security Options

To help maintain patient safety and secure supplies, QT Carts are available with a wide variety of lock options. From Breakaway Locks, which offer quick access in critical situations, to Proximity Keyless Entry for the most secure applications, LogiQuip has the right lock system for every situation.

Large Capacity Drawers

Large Capacity Drawers are customizable with 12 drawer front color options and three (3) drawer heights (3″, 6″, 9″). Every QT Cart comes complete with one (1) 3” and one (1) 6” divider set.

Simple Accessory Rail

LogiQuip’s Simple Accessory Rail provides the flexibility to customize your cart with several optional accessories including glove dispensers, waste baskets, and sharps container set.

QT® Cart Accessories

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