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LogiQuip’s Double-Sided Distribution Carts are designed for storage and transport. With Strong, Lightweight FramesHeavy-Duty 6” Casters, and ParWall Basket Shelving, these Carts are built to distribute large quantities of supplies throughout your facility. Each 36”, 48”, 66”, and 72” wide LogiQuip Distribution Cart can hold Up To 500 Pounds, with the 18” wide Distribution Cart can hold Up To 400 Pounds.

Features & Benefits

High Capacity 

With a sturdy Aluminum and Stainless Steel double-sided frame, LogiQuip’s Distribution Carts leverage our high capacity ParWall Basket ShelvingParWall Fine Mesh Basket Shelving ensures even your smallest items can be easily stored and transported to their end location. 

Leverage our ParWall Baskets

LogiQuip’s ParWall Fine Mesh Basket Shelving can store up to 40% more supplies in the same space as a traditional two-bin system*. ParWall Basket Shelving is fully adjustable and can be hung flush to the frame or at an angle for easy access to the items on the top shelf.

*Up to 40% space savings when comparing the 2436CH LQS Flat Wire Shelf with Two-Bin System to PRRG2436 ParWire Basket Shelf with Fine Mesh Dividers.

Fully Customizable

Because every facility is different, LogiQuip Double-Sided Distribution Carts can be configured to meet your specific needs. Frames are available in six widths ranging from  18’’ to 72’’ wide. Leveraging our 18’’, 36’’, and 48’’ Wide ParWall Baskets, these carts can be customized to ensure this solutions is the most efficient for you.

Heavy Duty Casters

Large casters provide easy, smooth maneuverability throughout your facility. Each Distribution Cart comes with 2 breaking and 2 directional locking casters to help ensure complete control while moving.

Accessories & Components

Blue Label
3-Inch Label Holders

Our wide variety of Label Holder colors aid in color-coding inventory in your facility, making supplies easier to find.  These 1” x 3” labels include a loop for attaching to Shelves or Baskets and come in bags of 50.
Choose from a variety of colors.

Label Holder

Label Holders for ParWall Basket Shelving are available in multiple sizes and two colors; Clear (CL) or Blue (BL)


Create a Kanban Trigger using LogiQuip’s Patented Kanban Dividers.  Available in 7” or 8.5” depths, our Kanban Dividers can be used with any of LogiQuip’s Fine Mesh Basket products.

Standard Divider for Fine Mesh Baskets

Create custom column sizes within Basket Shelves with our Standard Dividers. These chrome-plated Dividers come in 12”, 18”, and 24” wide models to fit all of our Fine Mesh Basket Shelving.

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