QT® Carts Help

Troubleshooting & FAQ

Part 1: Locking and Unlocking

1. When I try to lock the cart using the electronic lock using the keypad, the lock rumbles, makes a clicking sound and will not lock.
a. Check to be sure the key lock of the cart is in the lock position.
b. Check to be sure nothing has fallen behind the drawers and has become lodged under the lock bar.

2. We lost the key. What do I do now?
a. Additional keys are available for purchase using item number VKY.

3. Can I use the key to work the locking system without using the keypad to unlock the cart?
a. Yes, the key will override the electronic lock while it is in the locked position. During keylock override, the cart will make a quiet tone to indicate the electronic lock has been overridden.

4. Can we program a different lock time in the QT® Carts?
a. Yes, original 200 series locks require using the LockView program (lock serial numbers ASDF – ASDF). A 14-Day free trial of LockView 5/5Pro is available, and can be downloaded at http://logiquipfiles.com/software/LockView5.zip. Contact your sales representative to purchase a full version.
b. For all other locks, the autolock time can be set at the keypad. For instructions see “Changing Autolock Time” on page 5.

5. My drawers will not close.
a. Remove the bottom drawer and check for debris. If the drawers are overfilled, product will get trapped and will not allow the drawers to close.

6. The buttons on my keypad will not work.
a. This problem generally results from a crimped ribbon cable. If the lid is lifted or removed for any reason, special care should be taken to ensure the ribbon cable stays in the open space towards the front of the lid. If it moves back out of the channel, it will be pinched between the lid and the top of the cart. This failure is obvious, and requires a new keypad.
b. Care also must be taken when inserting the new keypad. If you try to justify the keypad too far to the left, you run the risk of crimping the ribbon cable where it meets the keypad. If you visually inspect the full length of the ribbon cable and it looks good, you probably have a crimp in this location. Again, this will require the keypad to be replaced.

Part 2: Battery Questions

1. How do we change the batteries in our QT® Carts?
a. Behind the middle drawers is a battery box containing 6 D batteries. Remove the battery box; change the batteries; snap the battery box back in place, and reinstall the drawers. You will need a T15 tamper resistant Torx bit to remove the battery box from its cradle.

2. Does changing the batteries delete the user codes or master code?
a. No, all codes are retained in memory during a battery change.

3. How often do we need to change the batteries?
a. Depending on use, the battery life for the QT® Cart line is about 15 months. A 12-month maintenance schedule is recommended for battery changes.

4. Will the batteries die if the cart does not get used for a while?
a. Yes, much of the battery draw is when the cart is physically locking and unlocking. While the cart is in a locked or unlocked position, it goes into a low power state and waits for the next input.

5. Our batteries died quickly.
a. First, replace the batteries. Check to see if the cart has been unlocked with a key. If it has, relock the cart. When the cart is unlocked with the key the system goes into alert mode. During that time, energy consumption spikes, and it remains at that peak level until the cart is relocked with a key.

Part 3: General Questions

1. We do not want to keep a copy of this guide. Can it be accesses electronically?
a. Yes. You can download the electronic version of this document at http://logiquipfiles.com/manuals/ProgrammingandTroubleshootingGuideforElectronicorProximityLocks.pdf.

2. We are having trouble installing the side rails for my accessories.
a. The hardware provided for the accessory rail has what is called a football nut. To use the football nut, insert the nut vertically in the accessory slot and turn horizontally. This locks the nut into place. The tools required to do this are included with your cart

3. Are the accessories interchangeable with the accessory rail?
a. Yes, the accessories are interchangeable with the rails. If you wish to change your accessories periodically this can easily be done without the use of tools. Just switch out the proper frames for each accessory. If you must change the accessory rail the tools are provided with the cart.

4. How do we put the divider sets in the drawers?
a. The two thick plastic rails in your divider set are the main rails for the dividers they go in the front and back of the drawer. The clear plastic runners are the actual dividers. These can be left whole or snapped off to size and installed using the joining bracket (clear plastic T) to fulfill your storage needs.

5. My cart will only roll one direction.
a. The back, left caster on the cart has a green lock on it. This is a position locking caster if the break is locked on the caster the caster will not swivel but will still roll.

6. Do the carts only come in white or are there any other colors?
a. We have multiple colors for the carts, drawers, and even color strips for the side of the carts to help determine or mark the carts for different medical needs.

7. Should we put a lot of stuff on top of the carts or inside the drawers?
a. The top of the QT® Cart is great for storage of items commonly used. We recommend you do not store items over 20 lbs. on top of the carts and if you need to keep that much weight on the top keep the bulk of the weight away from the front of the cart to prevent a potential tip hazard. The weight limit for the top or the cart or the drawers inside the cart is 20 lbs.

8. I plugged the cart into a laptop running LockView, and the access is denied. Now what?
a. With a laptop still connected to the cart. Follow the steps below. The cart should begin communicating with the software in 30 – 60 seconds.
i. Press LOCK/CLEAR for 3 seconds.
ii. Enter the 8-digit setup code (Setup Cd) assigned to the electronic lock and press ENTER.