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LogiQuip’s Blanket and Fluid Warmers help to provide a better experience for patients when faced with a hospital stay.  Our W-Series Data Logging Blanket and Fluid Warming Cabinets are our most user-friendly temperature recording warmer with a simple plug and play data download that requires no additional software.

Features & Benefits

Standard Features

• “Easy Log” Integrated Data Logger with Removable USB
• Automatically Records Data Every 30 Minutes
• Internal Storage Up to Two (2) Years
• Displays Actual Temperature and Set Points at all Times
• Independent Digitally Controlled Heating Chambers
• Keyed Door Lock for Single and Upper Chamber Units
• Keyed Temperature Lock Out
• Push Button Digital Operation
• Large Dual Digital Displays
• Uniform Heating and Fully Insulated
• Audible and Visual Over-Temp Alarm
• Remote Alarm Output
• Adjustable Feet

Optional Features

• Full View Glass Door
• Mobile Base or Stand
• Seismic Brackets
• 220/240V, 50/60Hz
• Left Hand Door Hinge
• Roll Out Basket(s) with Cool Touch Handles
• Pass Through Chambers and Doors
• Keyed Door Lock for Intermediate Chamber Units
• Full Recess with Console Unit Integration

Shown: Roll Out Basket(s) with Cool Touch Handles

“Easy Log” Integrated Data Logger with Removable USB

Sample Orders

Below are a few sample orders to show you how a model number would look.

W1518XSS with glass door, left hinge, digital control, mobile base, slope top = W1518XSSG-LH-M-S

W2630MSTD with solid door, right hinge, digital control, 2″ base, lower door lock = W2630MSTD-2B-LDL

Sample Report

Here’s an example of what report would look like:

WB2603TS Single, S/N: 062112-D01, 031115

to Download Data

  1. Insert supplied USB stick into USB slot
  2. Data download will automatically begin
  3. During download display will read:

4. Download is complete once display reads actual temperature
5. Remove USB stick and insert into any PC
6. File will be in .CSV format and can be opened with most spreadsheet programs

Warming Drawer Accessories

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