let us do the heavy lifting

With labor shortages and the ever-increasing demand to do more with less, the LogiQuip Services Team can help to decrease that burden with turnkey solutions to help ensure you have the supplies you need when you need them.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Project Management

From our initial meeting with you through implementation, a LogiQuip Services Team member will be assigned as your Project Manager, working with you every step of the way. Your Project Manager will serve as your single point of contact during the project life cycle. Together we will develop and implement project milestones until the work is complete.

On-Site Analysis

Working with your LogiQuip Representative, an on-site analysis will be done to ensure that the Project Manager has a complete understanding of your current environment. During our on-site analysis we will review your current state, identify gaps, and align on the goals of the project.

Review & Document Current State

Working with your LogiQuip Representative, we will conduct stakeholder interviews, talk with staff, and review your current processes from end to end.

Identify Gaps & Goals

Using the data and information gathered from the Review process, we will identify and document the gaps and goals that need to be achieved to be successful.


Using a mix of innovative products, lean principles, tried and true methods, and out of the box thinking, LogiQuip will provide a holistic plan with turnkey solutions to minimize downtime while decreasing your storage footprint.

LogiQuip Design Center

Virtually design your storage space to spec with LogiQuip Design Center. Your LogiQuip Representative will measure, design, and draw your space to help optimize the space and workflow. Learn More


Cart Planning

Using your PAR lists, inventory levels, supply packaging size, and color/categories, we will configure carts electronically with LogiQuip’s proprietary cart planning tool to reduce installation time.   

Inventory Optimization

Reduce stockouts, overstocking, and expired products with LogiQuip Services.  Leveraging Lean Principles and Supply Usage Data, the LogiQuip Services Team will review and analyze current supplies, and usage to provide recommendations to optimize your storage space and recommend inventory levels.

Product Categorization (Bin Locating)

Cataloging the position of supplies relative to the position on the racking. Once your new LogiQuip Shelving is in place, LogiQuip will color code and label each bin location, helping to create a streamlined workflow. 

Color Coding

LogiQuip will review and make recommendations on color coding categories of supplies and place color coded label holders with labeling on your racks making it easier to locate what you are looking for.  

Common Naming

LogiQuip Services Team will make naming convention recommendations, and label supplies with common names allowing clinicians to identify supplies quickly and easily.  

Installation & Conversion

LogiQuip is dedicated to providing on-time delivery, efficient installation, and supply conversion to minimize down time and time on site to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Factory Assembly

Product will be shipped, pre-assembled to specification so that products arrive on-site, ready to use. This eliminates trash from the job site and reduces downtime due to installation by up to two-thirds.  

PAR Form Creation

Your Services Project Manager will verify items in the room match the PAR Sheets or create new PAR Sheets based on the rooms. 

Delivery & Installation

Our Services Team will work with you to deliver and place products to the right area of your facility and install them to ensure that everything is working as intended.  

Supply Stocking

Placing appropriate PAR levels and SKUs on LogiQuip racks or racks provided by others.  

Supply Labeling

Once your new LogiQuip Shelving is in place, LogiQuip will place the appropriate supply chain/ERP label on the rack to make locating supplies easy. 

Ongoing Support

With the project complete, we want to help you sustain the changes that have been made. With Annual Inventory Reviews, Preventative Maintenance Plans, and Field Service for in warranty and out of warranty repairs, we have you covered to keep things running smoothly.

Annual PAR Level Review

Once a year, LogiQuip will come to your facility to review and optimize inventory to help keep things running smoothly.

Preventative Maintenance

LogiQuip will perform routine, preventative maintenance such as checking locks, batteries, pumps, and replacing filters. Preventative maintenance plans will vary by product.

Field Service

LogiQuip’s Field Services Team will complete in warranty and out of warranty repairs to help minimize downtime and keep things running smoothly.

Service Packages

LogiQuip offers three Service Packages to get you up and running quickly. Whether you select the Essential, Priority, or Premium Package, a LogiQuip Services Team member will serve as the Project Manager to ensure your project is completed on-time. Don’t see what you need? Select exactly what you need from our Additional Services Menu or mix and match menu items with one of our packages. 


Building Carts
Placing Carts in the Room


Essential Service Package + Project Management-Planning and Execution
Cart Planning and Lay Out
Location Maps
Supply Stocking
Supply Labeling


Essential Service Package + Project Management-Planning and Execution
Inventory Optimization-Data Cleansing and Review
Cart Planning and Layout
Location Maps
Supply Stocking
Supply Labeling

Services Offered

We understand that no two facilities are the same and a “cookie cutter” approach doesn’t work.  That’s why LogiQuip offers a variety of Services that can be tailored to your unique needs to get you up and running quickly.


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