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LogiCell System Carts provide efficient enclosed storage to address safety and infection control concerns. The durable, versatile, and functional LogiCell System provides a unique cell panel along the inside walls of our carts that significantly increase storage capacity. With a variety of sizes, security options, and accessories, LogiCell is fully modular and can adapt to your needs as supplies, quantities, and processes change.

Features & Benefits

Logiquip Logicell Wall Panel
LogiCell Wall Panel

LogiCell’s unique Wall Panel design allows Bins, Wire Baskets, and Shelves to be placed straight in or at an angle making the LogiCell system incredibly flexible and efficient. In addition, Bins, Wire Baskets, and Shelves can be extended by 80% for maximum visibility of supplies.

LogiCell Accessories

LogiCell Carts are fully customizable. In addition to Bins, Wire Baskets, and Shelves, additional Accessories such as Catheter Slides, Lockable Drawers, Catheter Boxes, and Suture Shelves can also be added to your LogiCell Cart to meet your specific needs. 

Security Options

LogiCell Carts are available with a Key or Keyless Lock (eLock) for controlled access to supplies. 

Logicell Door Options
Door Options

LogiCell Carts are available with Tambour or Hinged DoorsTambour Doors roll into a cassette to give you full access. Our Hinged Doors are constructed with an aluminum frame and tempered glass insert, providing visibility to the supplies inside.

LogiCell Systems

Single, Double, and Triple Width Bases Available

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Single-Width Base with LogiCell System

These Single-Wide, One Column Carts are available in ¾ and Tall Heights and are ideal for applications demanding high storage volume with limited floor space. With Key Lock (standard) and eLock security options and accessories such as Wire Baskets, Clear Tubs, Shelves, and Catheter Slides you have the flexibility to customize this cart to specification.

Model # 2651SQTGKL

Model # 2651STRGKL

Model # 22381SSLG 

Double-Wide LogiCell Carts

Double-Wide LogiCell Carts are available in 1/2, 3/4, and Tall Heights, and are sized to fit accessories meant for one wide or two standard columns. The ceiling is pre-set to hold Catheter Slides and comes standard with a Key Lock. eLock is also available.

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2652DTHGKL Double Wide 2 Column Glass Door LogiCell
2652DQTGEL LogiCell Double 3/4
2652DHHGKL with Baskets
2651DTTGKL Double Wide Single Column LogiCell
2458SSHG Stainless Steel LogiCell Double Wide Cart
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Triple-Wide Base with LogiCell System

These Triple-Wide Two and Three Column Carts are sized to fit accessories that are available for both Single and Double-Wide Columns. The ceiling is pre-set to hold Catheter Slides and is available with either Key Lock or eLock.

Model # 24882RCSSHG 

Model # 2652TTRCHGEL

Model # 2653TTTGKL with (4) 2436SHC-2 Wide Shelves and (4) 2416SHC-2  Standard Width Shelves

LogiCell Carts are Designed to be customized!

Don’t see What you need?

Choose from Single, Double, or Triple Wide Carts in Painted or Stainless Steel, Tambour or Tempered Glass Doors, Key Lock or eLock, and a variety of accessories that are sure to cover all of your storage needs. Ideal for robotic instruments and accessory storage. Learn more here.

Customized LogiCell

accessories for logiCell® Systems

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Shown: Double-Wide Two Column Cart

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