Robotic Instrument Storage

Robotic Surgery provides many benefits to the patient including less invasive procedures, shorter hospital stays, and an overall shorter recovery time. However, these benefits come at a cost. Protect your patients AND your investment with solutions by LogiQuip.

Expert Advice, Tips, and Tricks

In the following Beyond Clean Expert Series™ posts, our very own Dustin Patterson outlines a mix of best practices, Lean principles, and healthcare storage options for Sterile Processing Departments and beyond.

LogiCell Storage Carts

LogiCell System Carts provide efficient enclosed, secure storage to help minimize robotic instruments and accessories damage. This durable and versatile option provides a unique cell panel along the inside walls of our carts that significantly increase storage capacity. With a variety of sizes, security options, and accessories, LogiCell is fully modular and can adapt to your needs as supplies, quantities, and processes change.


LogiCell Wall Panel

The unique Wall Panel design allows Bins, Wire Baskets, and Shelves to be placed straight in or at an angle making the LogiCell system incredibly efficient and flexible. In addition, Bins, Wire Baskets, and Shelves can be extended 80% for maximum visibility of supplies.

LogiCell Cart Basket Angle


Fully customizable, LogiCell can be outfitted with any mix of Clear Tubs, Wire Baskets, and Shelves as well as Catheter Slides, Stainless Steel Drawers, and Lockable Drawers to create a solution to meet your specific needs.


Clear Tubs with Dividers


Wire Baskets with Dividers


Slanted and Flat Metal Shelves with Dividers


Catheter Slides


Lockable Drawers

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