Waterfall Edge Shelf

Open  Storage

The LogiQuip® Waterfall Edge Shelf features a smooth, rounded edge along the width of the shelf, replacing the traditional raised edge that can damage items as they are moved in and out of storage. These strong and durable shelves come in a variety of sizes and are compatible with LogiQuip 1-inch round posts.



Each carbon steel shelf has a rounded edge and is Double Chrome Plated for a smooth, bright finish that minimizes damage to stored items.


The Waterfall Shelf, like all of LogiQuip’s wire shelving, starts with a Carbon Steel Core. This helps to ensure a strong, durable base for all of your open storage needs.


1’’ Round Posts are notched and numbered at 1’’ intervals for easy shelf leveling.

Waterfall Edge Shelf Design

Our Waterfall Edge Design allows fragile items, like sterile

packaging, to slide easily off the edge without the worry

of snagging or tearing.

Sizes To Fit Your Needs

LogiQuip currently offers sizes 48″ & 60″ Waterfall Shelving

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