Fine Mesh Basket Shelving

Store up to 40%* More

LogiQuip®  ParWire, ParWall, Lean Wall, and Louvered Panel Systems with Fine Mesh Basket Shelf design help to increase storage capacity. Ideal for storage of even your smallest items, these strong and durable Basket Shelves come in a variety of sizes and can be Frame, Post, or Louvered Panel mounted for easy customization. Pair our Fine Mesh Basket Shelving with our patented Kanban Flippers and Intelli-Flip® System to create a Lean, system-driven process that helps reduce supply chain costs and eliminate stockouts.

Features & Benefits

Store Up To 40%* More

Our ParWire and ParWall Fine Mesh Basket ShelvesDividers, and patented Kanban Flippers help to increase storage by up to 40%* by eliminating the need for the traditional plastic Two-Bin System. This system efficiently uses every inch of available space and allows for storage of even your smallest items.

Fine Mesh Basket Design

With the traditional Two-Bin System, dust and debris are trapped in the bins and require regular cleaning to maintain. Our Fine Mesh Basket design allows for dust and debris to fall through the shelf eliminating this step for a virtually maintenance free solution.

Patented Intelli-Flip System

Upgrade to LogiQuip’s patented Intelli-Flip System which provides intelligent, up-to-date inventory management designed to increase productivity while reducing labor costs.

Double Chrome Plating

Each carbon steel Shelf and Post is Double Chrome Plated providing added strength. In addition to the smooth, bright finish that minimizes damage to stored items, Double Chrome Plating also helps to eliminate discoloration and peeling.

*Up to 40% space savings when comparing the 2436CH LQS Flat Wire Shelf with Two-Bin System to PRRG2436 ParWire Basket Shelf with Fine Mesh Dividers (see images below).

Fine Mesh Basket Shelving Lines


While both ParWire and ParWall Baskets Shelves allow for increased storage capacity, the real difference comes with how these Fine Mesh Basket Shelves are mounted. From Freestanding to Wall Mounted executions, we have the right solution.

Fine Mesh Basket Shelving Options

ParWire Basket Shelving Systems

LogiQuip ParWire Systems are designed with our Fine Mesh Basket Shelves mounted on 1’’ Posts. These strong and durable units come with a mix of standard ParWire Standard and Slanted Fine Mesh Baskets Shelves and are available in a variety of sizes.

Mobile:  Yes
Stationary: Yes
Mounting Type:  Freestanding, Post Mounted, (4) 1” Post
Shelving Type:  ParWire Basket Shelves
Shelving Options:  Standard, Slant, and Glide
Shelving Depths:  18” and 24”
Shelving Widths:  24”, 36”, 48”, and 60”
Options: Because ParWire is on 1” posts they can be paired with our LQS Flat Wire, Waterfall Edge, and Basket Shelving

ParWire Shelves
ParWire Glide Baskets extend out 50% for easy access to inventory

ParWall Freestanding Systems

LogiQuip’s ParWall Freestanding Systems are designed with a heavy-duty steel frame that allows maximum storage capacity. Slots run down the frame post in 1” increments giving users the ability to place ParWall Baskets Shelves where needed. 

Mobile:  Yes
Stationary: Yes
Mounting Type:  Freestanding, Frame Mounted
Shelving Type:  ParWall Basket Shelves mounted to the frame using brackets
Shelving Options:  Basket Shelves can be mounted straight or at an angle with 3-Position Mounting Brackets
Shelving Depths:  12” and 18”
Shelving Widths:  18”, 36”, and 48”
Options:  ParWall Freestanding Systems are available as Single Sided or Double Sided.

ParWall Mobile

ParWall Lean Wall Systems

LogiQuip’s Lean Wall System must be mounted with a ¾” backing on a wall. This system is more flexible than Louvered Panels since it allows you to plan around obstructions on the wall such as fire extinguishers outlets, vents, and more

Mobile:  No
Stationary: Yes
Mounting Type:  Frame Mounted to Wall
Shelving Type:  ParWall Basket Shelves mounted to frame using brackets
Shelving Options:  Basket Shelves can be mounted straight or at an angle with 3-Position Mounting Brackets
Shelving Depths:  12” and 18”
Shelving Widths:  18”, 36”, and 48”
Options:  Lean Wall Systems are ideal for working around obstructions on a wall such as light switches, vents, and fire extinguisher.

Louvered Panel Kits

ParWall Basket Shelves on Louvered Panels is a traditional way of mounting baskets to the wall. This approach keeps products off the floor, allowing utilization of various accessories, increasing storage capacity. 

Mobile:  No
Stationary: Yes
Mounting Type:  Louvered Panel Mounted to Wall
Shelving Type:  ParWall Basket Shelves mount directly onto Louvered Panel
Shelving Options:  Basket Shelves can only be mounted straight
Shelving Depths:  12” and 18”
Shelving Widths:  18”, 36”, and 48”
Options: Louvered Panel is our most traditional shelving system that also accepts blue bins.

Intelli-Flip® System

LogiQuip’s patented Kanban Flipper and Intelli-Flip Systems combined with ParWire to provide intelligent, inventory management. This powerful system helps to reduce supply chain costs and stockouts, allowing caregivers to focus on quality patient care.


Create custom column sizes within Basket Shelves with our Standard and Fine Mesh Dividers These chrome plated Dividers come in 12”, 18”, and 24” wide models to fit all of our Fine Mesh Basket Shelving 

Fine Mesh 3″ Dividers
Fine Mesh Slant Dividers
Standard Dividers
Fine Mesh Divider for Fine Mesh Baskets
Fine Mesh Dividers

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