Intelli-Flip System


LogiQuip’s patented Intelli-Flip System, combined with our ParWall and ParWire Kanban Flipper products provide intelligent, up-to-date inventory management. This powerful pair helps to reduce supply chain costs and stockouts, allowing caregivers to focus on quality patient care.

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How it Works

LogiQuip’s innovation replaces the traditional two bin system and takes the Kanban Flipper to the next level.
Our simple, responsive and intuitive system allows you to better track inventory through the natural act of accessing inventory.

Simple & Responsive

Attach the Intelli-Flip Monitor to each Kanban Flipper in the inventory bin you wish to track. When the Caregiver accesses the safety stock by lowering the Kanban Flipper, a signal is sent to the controller that inventory needs to be replenished.


The controller then relays this information to your custom dashboard on where you can easily view inventory status by bin.

Features & Benefits

Intelli-Flip integrates with our existing patented ParWall and ParWire Kanban Flipper products for easy installation. In addition, the ParWall and ParWire bins and Flippers are customizable to accommodate a variety of sizes.

Intelli-flip Monitor

The Intelli-Flip Monitor easily attaches to our Kanban Flipper and is triggered by the natural  act of accessing the safety stock. The Monitor uses AAA batteries, which last an average of over two years, and is easy to maintain.


The Controller collects data from each Monitor and sends it to a secure database at The Controller retains the data collected 24/7, even in the event of a power outage, preventing any loss of important inventory information.


This web-based site gives you to access to a customized dashboard for easy inventory management. No additional software is needed. This secure dashboard offers a variety of information to help ensure you never run out of stock.

Limited 5-Year Warranty

LogiQuip products are covered by a Limited 5-Year Warranty from date of receipt against defect in materials or  workmanship under normal use and service, excluding Electronic Components, Cart Covers, Custom Products, and LogiCell Tambour Doors. During this period, LogiQuip will, in its sole discretion, repair defects in materials or  workmanship that existed when the product was received or replace the product.

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Intelli-Flip gives me the confidence that the supplies I need will be there when I need them.

– Nurse John M. from Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Intelli-Flip System takes inventory management to a lean, system-driven process that will increase productivity and patient satisfaction while reducing labor and costs for smart inventory management.

Intelli-Flip Adds Value

Management Team

Accurate Data
Inventory Optimization
Reduced Costs
Efficient Space Planning


Reduced Stockouts
Focus on Patient Care
Compliance to Materials Management

Supply Personnel

Real Time Information
Inventory Levels
Quickly Respond

Service Packages Available

Take Intelli-Flip to the next level!

Choose from a variety of service packages that provide the ability to reduce inventory value, automate the reordering process as well as track and respond to inventory trends.


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