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LQS Wire Shelving

LogiQuip’s Standard (LQS) line of Wire Shelving is anything but standard. In addition to saving space, our LQS Wire Shelving and Posts begin with a carbon steel core that is double chrome plated for strength and durability that lasts. With a wide variety of configurations available to meet any of your organizational needs, our LQS Wire Shelving Line is flexible enough to be used virtually anywhere within your facility for easy and efficient storage.   


Wire Shelving Models


Wire Shelving Models



Features & Benefits

Carbon Steel Core & Double Chrome Plating

Each Carbon Steel Shelf and Post is Double Chrome Plated. In addition to the smooth, bright finish that minimizes damage to stored items, Double Chrome Plating also helps to eliminate discoloration and peeling.

Two-Truss Shelf Design

LogiQuip’s Two-Truss Shelf Design reinforces our 48’’, 54’’, 60’’ and 72’’ shelves to provide added strength and support

1-Inch Round Posts

1” Round Posts provide stability to the shelving unit  Compatible with all of our LQS Shelving, each Post is notched and numbered at 1” intervals for easy leveling of each shelf   

Limited 1 Year Warranty

One-Year Limited Warranty

LogiQuip equipment and parts are warranted to be free from defective material and workmanship for a period of one year from installation under normal use and service 


Wire Shelving Options

Standard Kits Include

Four (4) Double Chrome Plated Posts

Four (4) Casters
Two (2) Swivel/Brake and Two (2) Swivel

4 Four (4) Donut Bumpers

Available with 4, 5, 6 and 7 shelves

Maximum Weight 750 lbs

Complete Kits Include

One (1) Dust Cover

One (1) Full Width Label Holder Per Shelf

Four (4) Double Chrome Plated Posts

Four (4) Casters
Two (2) Swivel/Brake and Two (2) Swivel

4 Four (4) Donut Bumpers

Available with 4, 5, 6 and 7 shelves

Maximum Weight 750 lbs

Mobile Wire Shelving

LogiQuip’s LQS Mobile Wire Shelving are built to be moved  Our Double Chrome Plated Carbon Steel Core Shelves and Posts combine with heavy-duty casters make each shelving unit ideal for storing items in one place or moving from location to location  Select a preexisting kit or build your own from the ground up with a wide variety of components.

Mobile Kits

Mobile Carts

Stationary Wire Shelving

Available as a kit or custom build your own, our LQS Stationary Wire Shelving can be used virtually anywhere in your facility for an easy, efficient storage option. 

The Standard Stationary Wire Shelving Kit contains shelves with four (4) posts

Maximum weight load is 800 pounds for shelves up to 48” wide, and 600 pounds for shelves over 48” wide, but the total weight of the kit cannot exceed 750 pounds.

Shelf Cover for the bottom shelf

Shelving Components

Sloped Suture Shelves

These 10” high chrome Shelves are Sloped, making them ideal to store sutures. Single-sided Slope Suture Shelves are 18”deep, double-sided Slopes Suture Shelves are 24”deep.

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Wall Mounting Shelves

LogiQuip Wall Mounting Shelves includes two (2) 14” deep shelves, two (2) posts, four (4) brackets and four (4) cantilever armsWall mounting bolts not includedUser must determine capability of wall to support load and anchoring requirements.

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Wire Shelves

LogiQuip® Wire Shelves are adjustable on 1” increments and come in a variety of sizes to suit every application.Each shelf comes with four (4) split sleeves to attach the shelf to the pole.

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Solid Shelves

Solid Shelves are available in 24” deep in both Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel.

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Waterfall Edge Shelf

LogiQuip’s Waterfall Edge Shelf design allows fragile items, like sterile packaging, to slide easily off the edge without the worry of snagging or tearing.

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5- Sided Corner Shelves

5-Sided Corner Shelves attach to standard posts and create extra storage when two shelving units are put together at a 90 degree angle.

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3- and 4-Sided Frames

Nickel-chrome plated 3- and 4-Sided Frames attach directly to standard posts to increase stability and support.

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Posts are one-inch 16 Gauge round tubing. All Posts are numbered and adjustable on one-inch increments. Posts can be ordered without leveling feet for stem caster applications. Includes one cap per Post. Special Post lengths are available for a nominal cutting charge

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Wire Baskets

Shown: 18-inch deep Wire Basket

Choose from 18-inch or 24-inch deep Wire Baskets that attached directly to the posts. Dividers and Rods are available in two sizes to maximize storage and organization.

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Cantilever Bracket

The Cantilever Bracket is used to mountshelves to the post of Wall Mounting Shelves and available in three sizes.

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Dolly Bases

Shown: Stainless Steel Solid and Open Inserts

LogiQuip Dolly Bases are heavy-duty all-welded and fabricated with an integral C-channel welded to a steel plate frameThe wrap-around bumper is non-marking. Dolly Bases are available in three (3) styles: Open, Premium Epoxy-Coated Solid Insert or Stainless Steel Solid InsertInserts adhere to infection control standards and function as solid bottom shelves which eliminates the additional wire shelf requirementOther standard sizes are available on request in depths of 18” and 21” and widths of 42” and 54”.

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Plate/Stem Casters & Donut Bumpers

LogiQuip Casters come in two options – Plate and StemPlate Casters are for use with Dolly Bases5-inch Stem Casters are designed to be used with posts, and are non-marking. Donut Bumpers are for use with Stem Casters and also non-marking polyurethane.

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Shelf Covers

Shelf Covers come in two (2) options – Snap-On or Flat. All Shelf Covers are made from white poly material and adhere to standards without the extra cost. Epoxy-coated and stainless steel Shelf Covers are also available.

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Split Sleeves

Split Sleeves snap around grooves of the post to hold a shelfFour (4) Split Sleeves are included with each shelf.

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