ParWall Double Sided Mobile Frame 40”D X 50”W X 80” H, 14 Basket Shelves, Slant Shelves-(Cat.#PWMD48.68)

• ParWall Double Sided Frame Mount Kit Includes:
• (6) 12″D X 48” W ParWall Fine Mesh Basket Shelves, with (6) Dividers
• (8) 18″D X 48” W ParWall Fine Mesh Basket Shelves, Each with (4) Dividers
• (12) Mounting Brackets (12 Sets of 2)
• (2) 3-Position Slanted Bracket (2 Sets of 2)
• (4) 3” Heavy Duty Casters (2) Swivel/(2) Brake
• ParWall Double Sided Frame with (2) Dust Covers
• PWMD36.86 Shown
• Limited 5-Year Warranty

Our Double Sided Freestanding ParWall Frame Mount Cart comes standard with a heavy-duty steel frame and ParWall Fine Mesh Basket Shelves that can be mounted back-to-back to maximize storage capacity. This cart can accommodate 48”W Basket Shelves and comes with a mix of 12”D and 18”D Basket Shelving that can be adjusted in 1” increments so that it can be configured to fit almost any need. In addition, this unit comes with one slant shelf that allows supplies to slide forward for easy access.

Dimensions 23.8 × 50.25 × 79.5 in

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