ParWire® Basket Shelving


Store Up to 60% More with the LogiQuip® ParWire System. Leveraging our fine mesh basket design helps to increase storage capacity and decrease maintenance by eliminating the need for the traditional two-bin system. These strong and durable basket shelves come in a variety of sizes and are compatible with LogiQuip’s 1-inch round posts for easy customization. Upgrade to help eliminate stockouts and reduce costs by pairing ParWire with our patented Kanban Flippers and Intelli-Flip® System.

Store Up to 60% More

ParWire Basket Shelving with Lane Dividers and Kanban Flippers provides significant space savings allowing you to Store Up To 60% MORE supplies in the same space as a traditional two-bin system*.

*Up to 40% space savings when comparing the 2436CH LQS Flat Shelf with two-bin system to PRRG2436  ParWire Basket Shelf with Fine Mesh Dividers.

ParWire Basket Shelving with Lane and Kanban Flippers
Traditional Two-Bin System

Storage Options

Fine Mesh Basket Design

The fine mesh basket and dividers help to increase storage capacity by eliminating the need for plastic bins.  This design also allows for storage of even your smallest items and is available in STANDARD, SLANTED or GLIDE options.

Because ParWire Fine Mesh Basket Shelves are held on 1” posts, our LQS Wire Flat Wire and Basket Shelving, Stainless Steel Shelving, and ParWire Basket Shelves can be combined on one unit for a truly custom solution.

Fine Mesh Basket Standard
Fine Mesh Basket Slanted
Fine Mesh Slant Divider
Fine Mesh 3" Divider
ParWire Fully Loaded
ParWall Fully Loaded
Fine Mesh 3" Divider
Fine Mesh Divider for Fine Mesh Baskets
Standard Divider for Fine Mesh Baskets
ParWire Fully Loaded
ParWall Fully Loaded
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Fine Mesh Slanted Dividers

LogiQuip Fine Mesh Slanted Dividers match the angle of our ParWire and ParWall baskets for a more streamlined look.  6” in the back and 3” in the front for easier access to small supplies. These pressure-fit dividers can be easily placed and moved for quick reconfiguration.  

• Available in 12”, 18”, and 24” Depths

ParWire Glide Baskets

LogiQuip’s ParWire Fine Mesh Glide Baskets extend out 50% for full visibility and easy access to stored items. Available in 24”, 36”, 48”, and 60” widths, you can use up to 4 Glide Baskets per unit. Each basket can hold up to 50 pounds.

Intelli-Flip® System

LogiQuip’s patented Kanban Flipper and  Intelli-Flip Systems combined with ParWire Basket Shelving provide intelligent inventory management. This powerful system helps to reduce supply chain costs and stockouts, allowing caregivers to focus on quality patient care.

ParWire In Action

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Shown: ParWire Clean Supply, ICU

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