Why LogiQuip?

Our People

We have knowledgeable experienced representation across North America.

A healthcare storage solutions adviser can meet with you at your convenience. We have highly trained customer service and CAD layout specialists in our Michigan home office. No job is too big or too small.

Our Mission

Because each hospital’s inventory, supply, and storage requirements are similar in theory, yet diverse in practice and application, our mission is to provide true solutions for inventory, space, storage, and material handling problems on an individual basis. The solution to a specific problem may consist of a single cart or a complete supply storage system! Whatever the answer, LogiQuip makes it workable and efficient.

Our mission: Solving storage and distribution issues with the best products and designs possible. We believe “space” to be one of the hospital’s most expensive capital assets; as such, our philosophy is to use every cubic inch of that very expensive space.
We focus on maintaining infection control standards and functional ergonomics, which are key areas in healthcare storage and distribution.
Our products work in synergy: What we’ve designed for the OR can work in the Cath Lab and vice versa. We have the most varied line of storage and distribution products for all areas of the hospital, from the receiving dock to the OR.

ROI Justified Storage Solutions

In many busy hospitals, space is at a premium and the effective use of storage space is a critical materials management issue. By utilizing LogiQuip’s on-site analysis, expert space planning and unique storage products, the floor space required to store a given amount of inventory can be reduced by up to 50%. Or, stated another way, the amount of inventory stored within a given area can be increased by up to 100% over current storage methods. LogiQuip can implement ROI justified storage solutions in cardiac cath labs, clean utility rooms, hybrid OR’s, SPD’s, OR clean cores and many other storage areas hospital wide.

Supply Chain Management

Hospitals are implementing newer, more efficient supply chain management practices such as Low Unit of Measure programs. LogiQuip’s planning, design and execution of high density storage systems are essential supply chain components that enable the benefits of these newer management practices to be fully realized. Whether inventory is being transported or stored, LogiQuip’s expertise and extensive product line compliment any supply chain practice.

Infection Prevention

With the rising occurrence of hospital acquired infections, every potential source of poor aseptic practice in hospital inventory management is being eliminated. Plastic storage bins which have been used for many years are widely known to attract and accumulate dirt, dust and debris. They are seldom if ever cleaned. As a result, plastic storage bins are coming under increasing scrutiny by infection control practitioners. LogiQuip’s storage products use wire mesh baskets and dividers that don’t trap dirt and debris thereby eliminating labor intensive cleaning and potential problems.

Lean Inventory Management Practices

Increasing cost pressures require eliminating waste in the supply chain. LogiQuip products and services resolve these common patient floor supply issues: hoarding, stock outs, emergency restocking, nursing supply involvement, stock obsolescence, too frequent replenishment, excessive PAR Levels, poor space utilization and disorganized storage. All result in thousands of dollars of excessive direct and hidden supply chain costs incurred daily. Both PAR WALL and PAR STOR-III can be easily and inexpensively configured to enable a Kanban type Lean replenishment system. Both are highly configurable to accommodate many different SKU PAR levels and sizes. Using PAR WALL and PAR STOR-III in patient floor inventory locations provides an excellent opportunity for utilizing a Kanban system.
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