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Freehold, NJ

Like many healthcare facilities, outdated storage systems are becoming expensive and obstacles to improving efficiency. We were asked to come up with a storage solution that would help improve efficiency, while adding additional storage space. Working with the Materials Manager we were able to design room layouts for 15 locations and create 70 cart designs to help improve the efficiency for the Nursing staff and the supply technicians of over 2700 items. Leveraging our ParWire® Shelving with Kanban Flippers and Dividers, we were able to shorten the length of time it took for Nursing to get items needed and for the supply technician to order and restock locations  

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Storage Before


Storage After

Storage Before


Storage After

Project Objectives


Create room designs to fit current products

Review and optimize 2700 items currently stocked

Carts were built according the cart layout templates adding in lane dividers and the flip divider Kanban system

Supplies are moved to the new flip divider Kanban system

Key Accomplishments for This Site

Customized Carts

Customized Carts

We built and designed carts based on the optimization of their historical data to determine PAR levels that meet the needs of the department.


Nursing Staff Time Reduction

By leveraging our color-coding system and eliminating the Omnicell units, we were able to cut the nursing staff collection of supplies by more than 50%.

Saving Time

Saved Supply Tech Time

Provided a Kanban ordering system for the Supply Tech allowed them to spend less time in a supply room when determining what items needed to be ordered.

Time Spent On-Site

We provided one Project Manager, one Project Coordinator, and 5 Installation Technicians to complete the building of the carts, the cart layouts, the implementation of the Kanban ordering system, Color-Coding and Labeling of the supplies, and loading current inventory into the finished product. The carts were shipped to the hospital pre-built which allowed the onsite team to convert 15 locations in 3 weeks.

Products Used For This Transformation

Leveraging a mix of Basket Shelving with Dividers, Flat Wire Shelving, and high density Distribution Carts we addressed some of their core needs while reducing the amount of time spent by their Supply Tech on replenishing supplies.

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