Medical Storage Carts


Create a custom, high-density Storage Cart that can be used virtually anywhere within your facility. LogiQuip’s Stainless Steel and Laminate Medical Storage Carts allow you to custom-build your ideal storage solution from the outside in. With multiple sizes, controlled access, and shelving options available, you can build the right product to meet your needs.

Fully Customizable

Because every facility is different, LogiQuip’s Medical Storage Carts are fully customizable beginning with our enclosed cabinets in six sizes and three security options. Add our LQS Flat Wire and ParWire Basket Shelving, Dividers, Kanban Flippers, and Label Holders for a tailored and efficient storage solution.

More Features & Benefits

LQS Shelving

Add LogiQuip’s LQS Wire Shelving to these Medical Storage Carts for an efficient storage option. In addition to saving space, our LQS Wire Shelving and Posts begin with a carbon steel core that is double chrome plated for strength and durability that lasts.


Parwire Basket Shelving

Increase the capacity of your LogiQuip Medical Storage Cart by up to 40%* with our ParWire Basket Shelving, Dividers and Kanban Flippers. These chrome-plated Basket Shelves come in a variety of sizes and are compatible with LogiQuip’s one-inch round Posts allowing for use of a mix of ParWire Basket Shelving and LQS Wire Shelving for easy Medical Storage Cart customization.


Security Options

To maintain secure supplies and patient safety, our Medical Storage Cabinets provide a variety of lock options. Whether you choose Key Lock, eLock or Proximity Lock you can be sure that stored items will be secure.


Lighting Options

Increase visibility inside your Medical Storage Cabinet with interior lighting. Choose from Battery Powered or Plug-In lighting for an easy-to-use solution.


Limited 5-Year Warranty

LogiQuip products are covered by a Limited 5-Year Warranty from date of receipt against defect in materials or workmanship under normal use and service, excluding Electronic Components, Cart Covers, and Custom Products. During this period, LogiQuip will, in its sole discretion, repair defects in materials or workmanship that existed when the product was received or replace the product. Visit for more details.


Customized Medical Storage Carts

Parwire Fine Mesh Basket Shelving

The ParWire Fine Mesh Basket Shelves, Dividers and our patented Kanban Flippers help to increase storage by up to 40% by eliminating the need for the traditional plastic Two-Bin System. This design also allows for storage of even your smallest items and is available in STANDARD, SLANTED or GLIDE options.

Slanted Basket

ParWire Slanted Basket

ParWire Slanted Basket Shelves allow reserve supplies to       slide forward as stock is pulled from the front, ensuring         that supplies are always within reach

Standard Basket

ParWire Basket Shelves

ParWire Basket Shelving can increase storage capacity by         up to 40% when paired with LogiQuip Dividers and          Kanban Flippers

Parwire Glide Basket

 ParWire Glide Basket

Each LogiQuip Medical Storage Cart can accommodate up to (3) three ParWire Glide Baskets for easy access to all items

LQS Shelving & Baskets

All of LogiQuip’s Standard (LQS) Wire and ParWire Basket Shelving begins with a carbon steel core that is double chrome plated for strength and durability that lasts. All LQS and ParWire Basket Shelving options are compatible with our 1” Posts so you can use any combination of Shelving to create your ideal solution.

LQS Wire Shelves

LogiQuip® Wire Shelves are adjustable on 1” increments and come in a variety of sizes to suit every application. Each shelf comes with four (4) split sleeves to attach the shelf to the pole.

Solid Shelves

Solid Shelves are available in 24” deep in both Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel.

Waterfall Edge Shelves

LogiQuip’s Waterfall Edge Shelf design allows fragile items, like sterile packaging, to slide easily off the edge without the worry of snagging or tearing

Wire Baskets

Choose from 18” or 24” deep Wire Baskets that attached directly to the posts.

Dividers & Label Holders

Note: Label Holders are available in Blue or Clear.


Standard Divider

Fine Mesh Divider

Fine Mesh Divider

Fine Mesh Divider

LQS Basket Divider

Kanban Flipper System, Label Holders & Optional Lighting

The LogiQuip® patented Kanban Flipper System creates a Kanban Trigger when the caregiver accesses the safety stock by lowering the Kanban Flipper, creating a visual cue to order more supplies. Available in 7’’ or 8.5’’ depths, our Kanban Flippers can be used with any of LogiQuip’s ParWire Fine Mesh Basket Shelving.

kanban flipper

7-Inch Deep Kanban Flipper

The label face is 1.5” high by the width of the Flipper
7” is for use with 14”deep LQS Wire Shelves
8” is for use with 18”deep LQS Wire Shelves
Kanban Flippers come in packs of 10

Blue Label

Blue Label

Our wide variety of Label Holder colors aid in color coding inventory in your facility, making supplies easier to find. These 1’’ x 3’’ labels include a loop for attaching to Shelves or Baskets and come in bags of 125. These Label Holders can be used on LQS Shelving and ParWire Basket Shelving.

Choose from seven (7) colors; Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Purple.

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