The LogiQuip Approach

LogiQuip’s Services make it easy for organizations to work with our experts to achieve lean levels while achieving quick and quality care.

LogiQuip strives to provide the customer with maximized product availability, maximized space utilization, more product visibility, and utilization, increased provider satisfaction, shift Nursing’s focus to patient care, improve labor productivity and efficiency, and evaluate and optimize inventory investment.

Inventory Optimization

LogiQuip has always been an industry leader in optimizing space utilizing creative products. The Market Place is demanding additional value for the same or lower price. LogiQuip can now optimize the number of items that go into the optimized space as well as optimize the process of getting them there!

Our approach combines predictive analytics with LEAN process re-engineering to:

Decreased supply and labor costs while improving the quality of service to the end user as well as provides sustainable performance gains tied to a cloud-based subscription service. This leads to the following:

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Optimized Supply Chain

Enhanced data integrity

Enhanced processes

Enhanced satisfaction

Optimized space

(which enhances product visibility and usability)

Delivery and Install

LogiQuip has a logistics team dedicated to providing on time delivery and a more efficient installation for a better customer experience.

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Shipping Assembled:

Shipping product assembled can allow for easier setup and installation. This helps with timeliness of the install as well as limited cleanup.

White Glove Delivery:

White glove delivery includes a more efficient and cleaner delivery of the product and follows a more accurate delivery schedule.

LogiQuip Design Center

From design to quote to install, the LogiQuip® Design Center provides the tools needed to virtually design your storage space to your specification.  Our team will help measure, design, and draw your space to help optimize workflow.

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Working collaboratively with one of our experienced Representatives, we will evaluate the available space and your storage needs to design an efficient space that maximizes storage density.


A quote will be generated directly from the final design, systematically pulling in only the products used in the approved plan.


We will install the products according to your unique blueprint so that your completed room matches your design plan with no surprises, giving you an optimized space that will be operational immediately.

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