Protective Screen Series

Protecting Caregivers and Patients

With patient and caregiver protection being paramount, the LogiQuip line of Protective Screens are essential.  Our line of Protective Screens allow caregivers to examine, test and treat potentially infectious patients with reduced risk to both caregiver and patient.  These mobile and easy to clean options can be used across your facility or collapsed for easy storage.  In addition, many of these options can be used outside of medical facilities to assess employees as they report to work. 

Available Protection Options

Protective Exam Screen

Protective Privacy Screen

Protective Barrier

Protective Exam Screens

The LogiQuip Protective Exam Screen provides a physical barrier between healthcare professionals and infectious patients during testing and treatment. Developed in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this protective screen is easy to clean, mobile and folds for compact storage.

Transport Swab Port

Easily pack and seal transport swabs by passing through the swab port without making physical contact.

Easy to Clean

Follow proper cleaning instructions – see below for guide.

Unique Folding Structure

Unique folding structure designed to block droplets.

Accessories Include: Screen Hole Covers, Screen Glove Fixtures, and 10 pairs of Multi-Use Gloves.

Protective Privacy Screen

The LogiQuip Protective Privacy Screen replaces the traditional privacy curtain with a sturdy, easy to clean option.  These folding Privacy Screens have an anti-bacterial surface that helps to minimize risk to patient and caregiver, and come standard with swivel casters making them easy to move across your facility.  With an aluminum frame, LogiQuip’s Protective Privacy Screen is lightweight, impact and scratch resistant and flame retardant.

Lightweight & Adjustable

This multi-panel, lightweight design with swivel casters allow for easy maneuverability and can be adjusted to fit the available space.

Easy to Store

Our Privacy Screen is easy to store when it is not in use.  Simply fold the panels into the base and move aside.

Protective Barrier

The LogiQuip Protective Barrier is a fully mobile, easy to clean shield that can be used across your facility.  With virtually limitless uses, our Protective Barrier can be used beyond the healthcare industry to provide a physical barrier when and where needed.   


Gyms/Health Clubs


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