Case Cart Two Hitch-(Cat.#CC-TOW)

Connect two Case Cart together to move from location to location with our Tow Hitch for our Bolted Case Carts

Case Cart Top Extension Shelf-(Cat.#CC-TSE)

This stainless-steel shelf can be added to the side of your Case Cart for added work space. Simply flip-up and lock in place.

24 × 16 inCC-TSEcase-carts-accessoriescase-carts-accessoriescase-carts
Case Cart Clean & Dirty Wheel Indicator-(Cat.#CC0230-01-BIO-01)

The Clean & Dirty Indicator Wheel allows for the user to know the status of the tools inside at a glance. Compatible with all Case Carts, this Indicator Wheel leverages the color green for clean and red for dirty.

Case Cart Pick List Card Holder-(Cat.#BO-0204)

An 8.5” x 11” stainless-steel card holder can be mounted on the side of LogiQuip case carts to keep track of what is inside the case cart.

11 × 8.5 inBO-0204case-carts-accessoriescase-carts-accessoriescase-carts
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