ParStor® Series

High Density Storage Solutions

LogiQuip’s ParStor Series is ideal for use in Sterile Processing Departments (SPD) and Operating Rooms (OR) to store surgical instruments, peel pouches, and suturesOur highest-density storage system, ParStor is designed to be used where space is at a premiumWith a variety of storage accessories that extend 100%, you will have full access to your supplies when neededIf you are looking for a mobile option, our ParCarts are made to moveBuilt on a sturdy Dolly Platform with 5” Casters, large quantities of supplies can be transported over thresholds and throughout your facility with ease.

ParStor Grouping

LogiQuip ParStor and ParCarts Systems

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In the following Beyond Clean Expert Series™ posts, our very own Dustin Patterson outlines a mix of best practices, Lean principles, and healthcare storage options for Sterile Processing Departments and beyond.

Features & Benefits

ParStor Flexible Configuration

Flexible Configurations

LogiQuip’s ParStor Line is available in multiple configurations to accommodate high-density storage in any situation.

ParStor Max Storage Capacity

Maximize Storage Density

Ideal for small storage areas, our ParStor Series utilizes every inch of vertical storage space to maximize storage capacity.

Full Extension Slide

Customize with Accessories

ParStor Slides accept several Accessories that can be extended 100% for full access to stored supplies and can be adjusted without tools.

ParStor® Series

Which Option is right for you?

ParStor Shelving

LogiQuip’s ParStor Movable Shelving is a complete system with two add-ons for each starterThe height is 74.5” to the top of the Frame and 76” if you include the lip of the Top Wire ShelfShelving units should be limited to rolling within the immediate area for things like cleaning.

These Units are not intended to be moved between departments. Accessories are mounted with Full-Extension Slides that are adjustable without tools to fit the Vertical Slots in the FrameSlanted Slides can slant up to four (4) slots. All Unit include four (4) Cross Bars, one (1) Wire Top Shelf, and one (1) Bottom Dust Shield.

Assembly is required for all ParStor ShelvingContact your representative to request factory or on-site assembly.


The integrated Dolly on Open ParCarts creates stability and allows for the transport of sterile supples. ParCarts Accessories (including ParStor 16” x 24” Baskets and Tubs – see page X) are mounted with Full-Extension Slides on the available Slots. Open ParCart Frames are designed from all-welded 1.5” square tubular epoxy-coated steel, and have Vertical Slots spaced at .4375” intervals.

Each Frame has a Metal Floor, 5” quiet poly-swivel Casters, and Donut Bumpers on the corners. If applicable, a pair of 12” Vertical Push Handles protruding 3.125” on one side, are located at a height of 39-51” depending on the modelEach Slide, ordered separately, is adjustable without tools to fit the Frame slots. Slanted Sliders can slant up to four (4) slots.

ParStor® Touchless Transport Baskets

Touchless Wrapped Instrument Set Transport 

Reduce the risk of Wrapped Instrument Set contamination with LogiQuip’s NEW ParStor Touchless Transport Basket This innovation allows for wrapped instruments sets to be moved through the sterilization process without touching to help remove the risk of snagging or tearing that can lead to the contamination of Sterilized Wrapped Instruments Sets. See the full process below.


Our ParStor Touchless Transport Basket allows Wrapped Instrument Sets to move through the Sterilization Process without touching the wrapped set. 

ParStor & Case Cart Compatible

Our ParStor® Touchless Transport Baskets are compatible with our ParStor, ParCart, and Case Cart Lines allowing you to seamlessly move wrapped sets from Sterile Processing to the OR. 

Electropolished Stainless Steel Baskets

The Electropolishing process strips away embedded contaminants, burrs, micro cracks,
and pits to provide a corrosion resistant basket that
has a smooth, bright finish.


Standard 5 year warranty

ParStor® Series Touchless Process Flow

Touchless Process Flow Graphic

ParStor® Series Accessories

Chrome Wire Shelf

The Chrome Wire Shelf for Slides has a 2” lip in rear, a 1” lip in the front for labeling, and occupies two (2) Slots.

Stainless Steel Cover

The Stainless Steel Cover coverts a Wire Shelf into a Solid Shelf.

Wire Shelf

LogiQuip offers Wire Shelves and Baskets that are specifically designed for the top shelf for both Single and Double ParStor Mobile PS68 Series and Open ParCarts.

Wire Baskets

LogiQuip offers Wire Shelves and Baskets that are specifically designed for the top shelf for both Single and Double ParStor Mobile PS68 Series and Open ParCarts.

Stainless Steel Tops

Stainless Steel Tops are available for Short ParStor Carts, creating a nonporous, easy to clean work surface.

Stainless Steel Top with Handle

Handles protrude 2.25”.


Full Extension Ball Bearing Slides can be used along ParStor and ParCart Frames. Sit our Wire Baskets, Clear Tubs, or Waterfall Edge Chrome Wire Shelves on the hooks for smooth extension and full access to your supplies.

Cart Covers

Cart Covers are available for the 320-V and 600H-V ParCarts. The 600H-V has two handle cut-outs for easy access to the Handles while still protecting the supplies. Specify color and closure type.


5” Swivel Casters with and without Brake are designed to be used with ParStor and ParCart Units

Not Shown: Leveling Feet are also available for Stationary Units.

Dust Covers

Poly Dust Covers can be added to the bottom of each ParStor Unit for added protection of the supplies at the bottom of the Cart.

LH3 3-Inch Label Holders

The LH3 3-Inch Label Holder is attached by a strap which is wrapped around a horizontal wire of the Wire Basket and therefore can be placed in various locations across the font of the Wire Basket.

Clear Tubs & Dividers

These Polycarbonate (PC) Clear Tubs are compatible with ParStor and LogiCell® Systems.  These are ideal to store smaller items or if spills are a concern.

Wire Baskets & Dividers

LogiQuip’s white epoxy coated steel Wire Baskets are compatible with ParStor and LogiCell® Systems. These are used to store supplies, where the open wire structure providing air circulation is desired

ParStor Transport Basket

ParStor® Touchless Transport Basket

LogiQuip’s NEW ParStor Touchless Transport Basket allows for wrapped instruments sets to be moved through the sterilization process without touching to help remove the risk of snagging or tearing that can lead to the contamination of Sterilized Wrapped Instruments Sets.

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