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LogiCell cabinets and carts provide efficient enclosed storage to address safety and infection control concerns. The durable, versatile, and functional LogiCell System provides a unique cell panel along the inside walls of our carts and cabinets that significantly increase storage capacity. With a variety of sizes, security options, and accessories, LogiCell is fully modular and can adapt to your needs as supplies, quantities, and processes change.

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Features & Benefits

Logiquip Logicell Wall Panel

LogiCell Wall Panel

LogiCell’s unique Wall Panel design allows Bins, Wire Baskets, and Shelves to be placed straight in or at an angle making the LogiCell system incredibly efficient. In addition, Bins, Wire Baskets, and Shelves can be extended 80% for maximum visibility of supplies.


Security Options

LogiCell Carts and Cabinets are available with a Key or Keyless Lock for controlled access supplies. RFID access is also available for hands-free access (custom orders).


Logicell Door Options

Door Options

LogiCell Carts and Cabinets are available with Tambour or Hinged Doors. Tambour Doors roll into a cassette to give you full access. Our Hinged Doors are constructed with an aluminum frame and tempered glass insert, providing visibility to the supplies inside.


Limited 5-Year Warranty

LogiQuip products are covered by a Limited 5-Year Warranty from date of receipt against defect in materials or workmanship under normal use and service, excluding Electronic Components, Cart Covers, Custom Products, and LogiCell Tambour Doors. During this period, LogiQuip will, in its sole discretion, repair defects in materials or workmanship that existed when the product was received or replace the product. Visit LogiQuip.com/Warranty for more details.


Logicell Systems

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Pre-Configured Carts with Logicell System

Supply and Catheter Carts come complete with Accessories. Dividers are included with most Tubs, Wire Baskets and Shelves.

Tambour and Hinged Glass Doors are available for specific models.

Download the catalog to see how to customize your own supply cart.

Single, Double & Triple-Width Carts with LogiCell System

Also available in Stainless Steel, see catalog below for specific models.

Single-Width Base with LogiCell System

These carts are ideal for applications demanding high storage volumes with limited floor space.

Narrow (28” D x 24” W x 80” H)
Wide (28” D x 29” W x 62” H)
Stainless Steel (18” D x 27” W x 78” H)

Double-Width Base with LogiCell System

These Carts are sized to fit one and two columns of wide cell system Accessories. The ceiling is pre-set to hold Catheter Slides and comes standard with a Key Lock.

½ Height (28” D x 41” W x 42” H)
¾ Height (28” D x 41” W x 62” H)
Tall Height (28” D x 41” W x 80” H)
Stainless Steel (18” D x 41” W x 78” H)

Triple-Width Base with LogiCell System

These Carts are sized to fit standard cell system Accessories in the small column and wide Accessories in the larger column. The ceiling is pre-set to hold Catheter Slides and it comes standard with a Key Lock.

Triple-Width Carts (28” D x  58” W x 80” H)
Stainless Steel Carts (28” D x 54” W x 82” H)

Accessories for LogiCell Systems

Logicell Supply Cart
Catheter Slides Feature

1. Catheter Slides

Logicell Panel Feature

2. Logicell Panel

Wire Baskets with Divi Feature

3. Wire Baskets with Dividers

Catheter Slides Feature

4. Slanted and Flat Metal Shelves with Dividers

Clear Tubs with Divider Feature

5. Clear Tubs with Dividers

145-24 Lockable Drawer Feature

Lockable Drawers (not shown)

Also available are the LH3 Label Holders. See the Catalog for details.

In-Use Cases for LogiCell Systems

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