Kanban System

Lean & Clean Inventory Management

With healthcare costs increasing dramatically, eliminating waste from your facility’s supply chain has never been more important. Lean supply management can solve many common supply chain issues. LogiQuip’ storage solution products and services including our Patented Kanban Flippers and Inteli-Flip® System leverage Lean principles including Kanban Pulls to take inventory management to a system-driven solution that helps to streamline processes and reduce supply chain costs.

Here’s How it Works

Create Your Ideal Kanban

Storage Solution Below

Par Wall is a powerful storage system due to its ability to create storage density in a variety of applications. Storage components are freestanding frames or attached to a wall using louvered panels or slotted wall strips. The baskets are interchangeable between the structures.

Build Your Foundation

Add Dividers

Add The Kanban Flipper

Upgrade To Intelli-Flip

When the Caregiver accesses the safety stock by lowering the Kanban Flipper, a signal is sent to the controller that inventory needs to be replenished.

Intelli-Flip integrates with our existing patented ParWall and ParWire Kanban Flipper products for easy installation. In addition, the ParWall and ParWire bins and Flippers are customizable to accommodate a variety of sizes.

Innovative Technology Designated Product

2018 Lean KanBan Flipper System

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