The LogiQuip® Intelli-Flip™ System combined with our patented ParWall® and ParWire® Kanban Flipper products provides intelligent, up-to-date inventory management. This powerful pair helps to reduce supply chain costs and stockouts, allowing caregivers to focus on quality patient care.

LogiQuip’s Intelli-Flip System (patent pending) replaces the traditional two-bin system and takes the Kanban Flipper to the next level. Our simple, responsive and intuitive system allows you to better track inventory through the natural act of accessing inventory.

LogiQuip’s innovation goes beyond the Flipper. As leaders in healthcare storage, we were compelled to take the concept to the next level, so we added technology.

Now, the simple process of the caregivers accessing supplies from the rear segment of a Kanban set-up automatically notifies Materials Management that the item must be restocked. This natural process by the caregiver eliminates extraneous tasks or movement on their behalf and heads-off potential stock outs.The technology includes a monitor on each flipper and a controller in the room.

 Upon accessing the supplies in the rear segment, the monitor automatically send the signal to the controller, which then sends data to the cloud.

The data is viewed on the Intelli-Flip web portal, providing insight to a wide range of restocking activity. Intelli-Flip does not need the facility’s WiFi network to operate.

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