The cost of infection from improperly cleaned and stored endoscopes can be significant. For this reason, LogiQuip developed the Dri-Stor line of endoscope drying cabinets.  These AORN, SGNA, ANSI, and AAMI guideline-compliant endoscope cabinets start with 304 Grade Stainless Steel for easy to clean durability.  HEPA Filtered Air circulates through each endoscope and cabinet to aid in complete drying inside and out. Add Endotrack to control scope access and hang time to help ensure compliance.

Shown: 43690SCHG-10PSD-TSRF and 43690SCHG-10PSD-ADD-TS, 43890SCHG-20PSD-TSRF-TS, and 42490SCHG-10PTD-TSRF-TS

The Dri-Stor Advantage

Holds Up To 20 Scopes

Each cabinet can hold up to 20 scopes and accommodates large and small diameter scopes as well as TEE probes and Ultrasound probes.

HEPA Filtered Air

Our HEPA Power Vent and HEPA Power Vent with Channel Purge models use HEPA Filters that remove 99.97% of particulates 0.3 microns in size to ensure that the air moving through the cabinet and each scope is clean. 

304 Stainless Steel

All cabinets start with 304 Stainless Steel body and removable drip tray for easy cleanability, long-lasting durability, and better prevention of microbial growth. All-welded joints and construction free of fasteners, screws, and rivets provide smooth surfaces throughout.

Coated Scope Hangers

Durableeasy-to-clean scope holders provide cushioned storage allowing you to hang scopes vertically to help promote drying.  Free of sharp edges, each is built with a steel core and coated in resilient, non-porous plastic.

Maintenance Plans Available 

LogiQuip offers two (2) Maintenance Plans to keep your new LogiQuip Dri-Stor Cabinet running like new. These hassle-free plans take the maintenance of your Dri-Stor Cabinets off of your to-do list. Ask your Customer Representative about pricing for the 2- and 4-Year Maintenance Plans.

Dri-Stor Scope cabinets features

Top & Side Mount Cabinets

In addition to our Top Compartment Access models, we also have Side Compartment Access models for quick access to interior components for maintenance and expansion.

HEPA Power Vent

Dri-Stor Endoscope Cabinets equipped with a HEPA Power Vent circulate filtered air throughout the cabinet for infection-control conscious drying and storage. The resulting pressurized environment creates a barrier, preventing non-filtered air from entering.

Channel Purge

HEPA Power Vent with Channel Purge technology helps to promote thorough endoscope drying, inside and out. Forced filtered air passes through tubing channels assigned to individual scopes for 30-minute cycles. Airflow is discontinued for 20 minutes before a new cycle begins. The filtered air quality is 0.3 micron at 99.97% efficiency. Cabinets designed for 11 or more endoscopes are equipped with two-channel pumps.

EndoTrack System

Endotrack allows you to easily manage and track endoscope equipment from an intuitive interface. Utilizing bar code or RFID technology, the EndoTrack system provides controlled access and security to your cabinet as well as the ability to track the hang time of each scope.

Meet AORN/SGNA & ANSI/AAMI Guidelines

AORN: Guideline for processing flexible endoscopes; 2016:675-758
SGNA: Standards of infection prevention in reprocessing of flexible gastrointestinal endoscopes, 2016

ANSI/AAMI: Meets 2021 ASNI/AAMI recommendations for flexible and semi-rigid endoscope processing. 

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