LQS Dolly Carts

Durable, Mobile Storage

With a Solid or Open Base for added strength and stability, these carts are built for moving supplies across your facility with ease. Each Dolly Cart has non-marking, wrap-around bumper, (4) 5” casters and a maximum weight capacity of 750 lbs. Custom configurations are available upon request, including 6” caster options with a mazimum weight capacity of 1,200 lbs.

Features & Benefits

Heavy Duty Base

LogiQuip Dolly Bases are heavy-duty all-welded and fabricated with an integral
C-channel welded to a steel plate frame.

Wrap-around Bumper

The wrap-around bumper is non-marking.

Three Base Styles

Dolly Bases are available in three (3) styles: Open, Premium Epoxy-Coated Solid Insert (not shown) or Stainless Steel Solid Insert*.

*Inserts adhere to infection control standards and function as solid bottom shelves which eliminates the additional wire shelf requirement.


With many kits available with LQS Flat Wire Shelving, you can easily customize these carts using our Solid Stainless Steel Shelving, Waterfall Edge Shelving, LQS Basket Shelving, and our ParWire Basket Shelves**.

Solid Stainless Steel Shelving

Solid Stainless Steel Shelving

Waterfall Edge Shelving

Waterfall Edge Shelving

LQS Basket Shelving

LQS Basket Shelving

ParWire Basket Shelves

**ParWire Glide Basket Shelving are not recommended for mobile applications

Accessories & Components

Sloped Suture Shelves

These 10” high chrome Shelves are Sloped, making them ideal to store sutures. Single-sided Slope Suture Shelves are 18”deep, double-sided Slopes Suture Shelves are 24”deep.

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Fine Mesh Basket Shelves

LogiQuip Fine Mesh ParWire Basket Shelves mount to LQS 1’’ posts allowing you to mix and match with LQS Shelving.

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Wire Shelves

LogiQuip® Wire Shelves are adjustable on 1” increments and come in a variety of sizes to suit every application.Each shelf comes with four (4) split sleeves to attach the shelf to the pole.

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Solid Shelves

Solid Shelves are available in 24” deep in both Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel.

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Waterfall Edge Shelf

LogiQuip’s Waterfall Edge Shelf design allows fragile items, like sterile packaging, to slide easily off the edge without the worry of snagging or tearing.

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Plate/Stem Casters & Donut Bumpers

LogiQuip Casters come in two options – Plate and StemPlate Casters are for use with Dolly Bases5-inch Stem Casters are designed to be used with posts, and are non-marking. Donut Bumpers are for use with Stem Casters and also non-marking polyurethane.

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Split Sleeves

Split Sleeves snap around grooves of the post to hold a shelfFour (4) Split Sleeves are included with each shelf.

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3- and 4-Sided Frames

Nickel-chrome plated 3- and 4-Sided Frames attach directly to standard posts to increase stability and support.

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Posts are one-inch 16 Gauge round tubing. All Posts are numbered and adjustable on one-inch increments. Posts can be ordered without leveling feet for stem caster applications. Includes one cap per Post. Special Post lengths are available for a nominal cutting charge

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Wire Baskets

Shown: 18-inch deep Wire Basket

Choose from 18-inch or 24-inch deep Wire Baskets that attached directly to the posts. Dividers and Rods are available in two sizes to maximize storage and organization.

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Shelf Covers

Shelf Covers come in two (2) options – Snap-On or Flat. All Shelf Covers are made from white poly material and adhere to standards without the extra cost. Epoxy-coated and stainless steel Shelf Covers are also available.

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ParWire Glide Basket

LogiQuip’s ParWire Fine Mesh Glide Basket extends out 50% for full visibility and easy access to stored items. Available in 24”, 36”, 48”, and 60” widths, each basket can hold up to 50 pounds.

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