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Supply Chain & Clean Utility

Storage and transport products and systems used by materials management/supply chain must accommodate patient care inventory stored in both clean utility rooms and large, heavy inventory found in Central Stores. In addition, transport carts must ergonomically and efficiently move these supplies throughout the hospital and, in some cases, transport them from off-site warehouses to the hospital. Storage and transport products must be adaptable to various supply chain practices, including LEAN

inventory management. The following LogiQuip products have excellent applications for Materials Management/Supply Chain:

PAR WALL and PAR STOR lll are excellent storage products for patient floor clean utility supply rooms. Preferred by both nursing and materials management staffs, these products provide not only highly efficient storage but enable the implementation of LEAN inventory management and PAR Optimization programs.

Tubular Carts, PAR Carts and Dolly base wire carts are ideal for heavier, larger loads that move throughout the hospital. Tubular Carts are especially useful as PAR Level and Exchange Carts.

Over the Road (OTR) Case Carts are designed for the rigors of transportation of instrument containers and other bulky items in the back of hospital delivery trucks. These carts are fully cart washable.

Distribution Carts are ideal for the movement of supplies between off-site warehousing and the hospital loading dock. They ideally handle supply large tote boxes and are designed for especially rugged use.

Pallet, Bulk and Gravity/Flow Racks are all designed for heavy load storage in central store rooms or off-site warehouses.

Finally, utility (steel and plastic), pick, cylinder, tub, file and IV carts are storage and transport products used hospital wide.

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