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Product support in the fight against COVID-19

These products can be used across your facility.  Call customer support for availability.  

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Stainless Steel IV Poles

LogiQuip’s NEW Stainless Steel Adjustable IV Poles are available with Weighted Base, Compact Base, and Essential Model options.


Provides a physical barrier between healthcare professionals and infectious patients during testing and treatment. This protective screen is easy to clean, mobile and folds for compact storage.

Ventilator Cart with IV Pole

LogiQuip® Ventilator Cart with IV Pole provides a mobile and durable work station.

Constructed from medical grade stainless steel and chrome plated steel, these carts are easy to clean.


QT Treatment Carts are designed for general application or specialty applications such as Emergency Carts or Isolation Carts. Many locking options are available. All carts come standard with a key lock.


Fully enclosed security units that lock are excellent storage options for controlled access to items such as PPE, ventilators and more.

Visit the product page or download the spec sheet for more information


Par Carts are great for transport and high-density storage such as PPE, fluids and more. LogiQuip Par Carts can be upgraded to include a key lock or push-button lock.


Available in a variety sizes, LogiCell Carts are ideal for new procedural areas and storage of important items that should be access controlled. Available with key lock or keyless lock for easy access.


Traditional Cart Covers and disposable cart covers are available for fast delivery through our Rapid Ship Program.

In uncertain times, LogiQuip is working to ensure adequate supply of our existing product line while bringing new products to market to aid in the fight against COVID-19

Contact customer support, for more information on any of these products.