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ParWall is a powerful storage system due to its ability to create storage density in a variety of applications. Storage components are attached to a wall using louvered panels or slotted wall strips. A freestanding frame is also available. The baskets are interchangeable between the structures.


Our ParWire products have been designed after our traditional ParWall line, incorperating our ParWall fine mesh baskets into our traditional posts and casters.  We have increased the size of the baskets to accommodate the high-volume items you may have in your supply areas. With the addition of a slanted top basket you know can now use this space for storage.

Basket sizes range from 24” wide to 60” wide and 18” deep to 24” deep for your high-volume storage needs.

Lean Wall

Our New Lean Wall, ParWall basket mounting system give you the versatility of adapting to those hard to fit rooms for storage with all of the benefits of the high-density fine mesh baskets. The longer design of the uprights allows more capacity than a standard louvered panel system and you can slant the top baskets. Lean wall was designed to work around most wall mounted obstacles so you can utilize the space more efficiently.

Frame Mount

Classic ParWall is a fine mesh high density storage system that can be configured on a stand with 7 tiers for maximum storage capacity. Using our easy adjust snap in divider system make right sizing your lanes a quick and easy.

Baskets are 12” and 18” deep and come in a variety of widths to meet the needs of your given space.

Louvered Panel

ParWall for louvered panel is used for wall mounting Par Wall baskets. These baskets comes in sizes of 18", 36", and 48" in depths of 12" and 18". The nominal size is 1/2" bigger than the actual size.

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