Case Carts

Efficient & Durable Transportation

Designed specifically to protect sterile supplies as they move from central processing to surgical suites, LogiQuip Case Carts provide a safe, durable, and efficient transportation of surgical instrument sets.  Our NEW Bolted Stainless Steel Case Carts are high capacity to accommodate a variety of sterile supplies while helping to reduce the potential for contamination.  With Over-the-Road and Open Case Carts also available, you can be sure that the right supplies will safely be at the right place at the right time.

Open case cart, Over-the-road case cart and bolted case cart

Bolted Case Carts, Over-The-Road Case Carts, and Open Case Carts

Expert Advice, Tips, and Tricks

In the following Beyond Clean Expert Series™ posts, our very own Dustin Patterson outlines a mix of best practices, Lean principles, and healthcare storage options for Sterile Processing Departments and beyond.

Efficiency Features & Benefits


All Stainless Steel Construction

•  Fully Welded Body Construction

Bolted Doors and Latches, Bumpers, Hinges, Card Holders, and Security Tabs

• 270° Door Swing

• No-Drip Pan Base 


More Capacity

3-Widths & 3-Heights

Fully Adjustable Shelf System

Roll-Out Extension Slides

Wire, Perforated, & Solid Stainless Steel Shelves


• Ergonomic Handles

• 6” Stainless Steel Casters

• Full Wrap Around Bumper


Case Cart Efficiency Keeps Costs Down

Case Carts Options

Bolted Case Carts

LogiQuip Bolted Case Carts are easily serviceable, reducing downtime and extending the life of your Case Carts. Large enough to accommodate oversized instrument sets, these Case Carts come standard with ergonomic handles, 270° Door Swings, 6” Casters, and a wrap-around bumper. The Stainless Steel cart body is easy to clean, has no water retention points, and comes with no drip “tilted” pan base. Shelving options are sold separately.

New Case Carts in Supply Room
LQCC3640 Case Cart Open
LQCC3630 Case Cart

Shelves & Optional Accessories

Several optional accessories including Flat Wire Shelves, Perforated Shelves, Adjustable Solid Stainless Steel Shelves, Dirty & Clean Indicator, Card Holders, Tow Hitch, and Top Shelf extension, allow you to create a cart that meets your Sterile Processing Department’s needs.

Case Cart Flat Wire Shelf

Flat Wire Shelf

Case Cart Perforated Shelf

Perforated Shelf

Case Cart Solid Stainless Steel Shelf

Solid Stainless Steel Shelf

Case Cart Dirty & Clean Indicator

Dirty & Clean Indicator

Case Cart Card Holder

Card Holder

Case Cart Top Extension Shelf

Extension Drop Shelf


Tow Arm

Flags on case carts


Over-The-Road Case Carts

LogiQuip’s Over-the-Road Case Carts provide a rugged, durable, and safe way to transport sterile supplies when Central Processing is off-site.  All welded, stainless construction, heavy duty 6” washable casters, and optional accessories including a Tow Hitch help to create a clean and safe environment.


Clean and Dirty Indicator

Easy Slide Indicator

Tow Hitch

Open Case Cart In Use
Open Case Cart

Open Case Carts

Open Case Carts are one of the solutions for dedicated clean and soiled delivery systems between the OR and reprocessing. Lighter, easier to clean, and more cost-effective than closed carts.

Custom Order Only.

39″ Tall Open Case Carts

54″ Tall Open Case Carts

67″ Tall Open Case Carts 

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