Success Stories

Brayden Bennett, Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Job Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Dates: 12/3/2020 – 12/5/2020

Scope of Work


Sterile Processing


Combination of LQS Flat Wire and Basket Shelving and ParWire® Fine Mesh Basket Shelving

Project Objectives:

• Space Plan for Future Growth
• Allow for easier/more logical workflow, visibility, and inventory management that helps to avoid expired supplies
• Build carts based on the size of the products and categories
• Label products and record location for a searchable master list

Key Accomplishments for This Site

Created Room for Growth

61 new carts were installed using the existing footprint.  With the optimized organization, 9 of the new carts were left empty for future growth. 

Team Members 8

LogiQuip Team Members: 5
Hospital team members: 3 (point person, category specialist, inventory specialist)

Time Spent On-Site

3 days on-site to install, convert supplies, label supplies, and recorded supply location for the database.  

See The Difference

Through our tailored approach, we saved the customer 20% and freed up space for future growth as well as more space in the department to move efficiently. SKU placement was based on application of that for a procedure. Separated by General, Total Joint, Sports Med, Linen, Generic, and custom packs. We also have provided signs for each cart with the correct category. Record the SKU locations and provided them with a master file that is sortable to find items when needed.