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Equipment Planners & Architects

LogiQuip value added services provide maximum space and equipment utilization

Space/Equipment Planning

1. Provide onsite analysis and consult with all stakeholders

2. Virtual CAD design of all areas indicating recommended equipment in position

3. No charge demo room mock up to introduce staff to storage concepts

4. Provide equipment for in-use evaluation at no charge

5. Redesign! reconfiguration of equipment based on customer input

Equipment List: New and Transferable Units

6. Take storage census and assess existing equipment for suitability for transfer

7. Refurbish and upgrade existing equipment as necessary

8. Provide equipment list, including existing transferable items, sorted as required

9. Access to 2000+ products

Pricing, Installation & Service

10. Provide competitive, value based pricing

11. Stage products in warehouse to deliver when required

12. Deliver, unpack, assemble and install all equipment

13. Provide on-going follow up service after installation to insure satisfaction for years to come

14. Benefit of single-source vendor that has been responsible and accountable for 20 years

LogiQuip products are available on Attainia

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